Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

Need a faster drying adhesive or a better curing time than the current one, we might have a fix for you. We at Al Mehraj Industries Company LLC provide customized solutions to each client until complete satisfaction of client's product is achieved.


We at Al Mehraj Industries Company LLC encourage our customers to take advantage of our R & D. We provide customized solutions to each client until they are satisfied. Need a faster drying adhesive than the current one, we might have a fix for you. Need a better curing time, we can help out. Need an adhesive for your new machine. We can help your production team settle and stabilize.


R & D not just happens to develop new products. It is taking place across all departments in Al Mehraj Industries Company LLC. We always strive to find new and better ways to maintain the quality of our products and process. Utmost care is taken in all production process to deliver consistent performance of our manufactured process.


Need the same product quality and service every time? We highly appreciate the trust you have put in us. We value your orders and strive to produce the same quality every time. With all the stringent checks and procedures in place our production department delivers on the consistency. With this mentality across all teams in Al Mehraj Industries Company LLC, we have got you covered.

Speed of Service

We take immense pride in announcing we have a superior turnaround time. Are you not sure which adhesive will suit your new machine? Never a worry with us. Our technical support will help you select or design the adhesive. They will also run on your machine and work with your Quality Control to satisfy all your quality parameters. Our turn around times are faster because as soon as we receive your query a technical person is assigned to you so we can immediately start working on your needs.

Competitive Pricing

Our Pricing is very competitive. We provide a product that justifies value for money.

On-Site Technical Support

We are manufacturer of adhesive. We know our product. After sales we will provide you with any technical support, should you ever require it. We have been doing so since the start of the organization. Standing with the customer in times of his need is one of the prime pillars that is instilled in the organization.


Our deliveries are planned well before the sun rises, so that the material reaches you as soon as your office and production plants opens for business. Not only we plan ahead, but we jump in to help out if our client request urgent deliveries. We always make sure your production is always running smoothly.

After Sales Service

Once the sale is done, we always follow up and keep in touch with you. We are always accessible to our clients. We even train and hold seminar for our new clients on basic material usage and storage.


We believe in efficiency in purchasing raw material, to production, to final product, in deliveries and in after sales service. We believe it is in everybody's interest to keep things simpler and smooth for better functioning.


We are ISO 9001:2015 certified. It is granted to us by DNV GL NORWAY. We are audited every year to maintain our ISO certification. We maintain all standards mentioned in ISO 14001 and ISO 22001. Our clients visiting our facility have expressed comfort and confidence they achieve by witnessing such high-quality standards being maintained by us.
QC Approved
QC Approved
ISO 9001-2015
ISO 9001-2015
Safety First
Safety First