Are you a Manufacturer or trader?
We are MANUFACTURER for Water Based Adhesives and Lubricants. We also have Hotmelt adhesives and Adhesives for Flexible packaging Industry.

Are you located inside the Free Zone?
No, we are not inside the free zone. We are located in New Industrial Area in Umm Al Quwain. You can simply google us or go to contact us page to see our location.

Where is your location?
New Industrial Area, Umm Al Quwain

What are your working hours and days?
8am to 5pm. Saturday to Thursday.

I am located outside of United Arab Emirates. How can I receive your material?
No issue at all. We do export via Land, air and sea.

I am not sure what type of adhesive my machine is compatible with?
Simply give us a call, our technical team will be on your site to help.

What if generic grades of adhesive do not work with my machines?
No Problem at all. We will develop a new grade for you. We have a full-fledged laboratory where we will develop a grade that matches your machine specifications.

Research and development take tremendous amount of time and too many questions asked and application forms to be filled?
No forms to fill with us. All you need to do is request a call back. We will take care of the rest.
We will visit your plant, develop a grade that works for you, stand with you and help you through the trail. We don’t ask to fill any forms or ask too many questions. This is where we are different.

I am a small customer, will my queries be attended?
Absolutely YES! In fact, we will assign a specific technical sales person to your company. They will be taking care of all your questions.

I will order once in bulk quantities, but I need deliveries to be on call basis. Is it possible?
Absolutely Yes! You can give us a delivery schedule or inform us 2 days in advance. We are happy to deliver it to you as per your needs. This will reduce your storage time and storage space and also reduce handling process.

How can I be confident that your adhesive quality consistency will be maintained all the time?
We are ISO 9001:2015 certified company. We are audited every year by DNV-GL from Norway. We maintain strict standards of quality in production. Also, we maintain quality in our sales, accounting and logistics department also. This helps us give you a consistent product and service every single time.

I have a complaint, how to proceed?
You can report a complaint with any of the following methods:
You can simply report a complaint by giving a call to the technical person assigned to your company.
You can request a call back (using our website)
You can directly contact the official telephone line

I registered a complaint. How to track it?
Once you register a complaint, we immediately open a complain file (as per our ISO 9001:2015 standards) and start an investigation. At every single step you will automatically be appraised via personal phone call from the assigned technical person or from the manager himself. Please note we take reports very seriously and all the data is shared with you before closing the file.

How to store the material?
Nothing special needs to be done. You need to keep it in shade away from direct sunlight and keep it covered when not in use. When in doubt please ask our sales team. they will help you out. You can refer our MSDS also.

How to Handle the Product?
Equipment used to remove the adhesive from the container must be clean and free form dust and contaminants. The adhesive tray, pumping equipment, spraying accessories, rollers and other parts of machine coming in contact with the adhesive must be clean at all times.
It is recommended that the equipment and trays must be cleaned at the end of the shift. Unused glue must not be left in the equipment overnight. It must be drained and packed in empty clean containers. This adhesive must be checked before reusing. If it becomes necessary to dilute the adhesive clean water and clean stirrer and containers must be used.

How to Clean?
Water based adhesives are very simple and easy to clean. Please follow MSDS instructions for detailed cleaning process for specific products.

Empty all the adhesive in Tray into a separate bucket. (Do Not mix with clean adhesive)
Drain the unused adhesive from the pipes into the separate bucket.
Clean the tray with water.
Clean the rollers with soft cloth and water.
If the adhesive is difficult to remove use warm water with clean cloth on the roller.
If using pump, circulate water to clean them before closing all operations.

I want to visit your premises?
Wonderful. We love to host! We always encourage our customers to pay us a visit and determine themselves how our product is consistent every time.